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    Kelsey Navarro Foster & James Anderson Foster


Award-Winning SAG-AFTRA Actors


Custom triple-walled Studiobricks, Neumann mics


Narration only or full production, we have you covered

Audiobook Narration & Production

About Us

Meet Kelsey Navarro Foster and James Anderson Foster, an award-winning husband and wife duo who are accomplished professional actors and proud members of SAG-AFTRA. As versatile audiobook narrators and producers, they have each individually garnered acclaim, captivating listeners with their distinct and emotive voices in projects for renowned publishers and independent authors alike.

However, their true brilliance shines when they combine forces for dual and duet narrations. Collaborating seamlessly, they elevate storytelling, creating immersive and enchanting experiences that leave audiences spellbound. Together, they weave a magical tapestry, effortlessly complementing each other’s strengths and infusing narratives with an extra layer of depth.

In addition to their narration, Kelsey and James offer comprehensive audiobook production services in partnership with Reaping Audio. This includes top-notch professional post-production services, ensuring a polished and flawless final product for authors and publishers alike.

SAG-AFTRA Professional Actors



Kelsey Navarro Foster


James Anderson Foster

Professional Recording Studio

Equiment Specification

  • DAW

  • Reaper
  • Microphone

  • Neumann TLM 102
  • Interface

  • Audient iD14

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